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Why Choose eBidyaloy?

eBidyaloy is an exclusive platform to facilitate all the educational needs

  • keyboard_double_arrow_rightA perfect platform for virtual presence for any physical institute
  • keyboard_double_arrow_rightContent creators weather they are a part of an institute or not, they can spread the light of knowledge
  • keyboard_double_arrow_rightStudents can explore other learning assistance, combined online studies and many more just by signing up to this platform.
  • keyboard_double_arrow_rightParents can stay updated anytime about their children’s progress

The Virtual Presence for all Institutes

eBidyaloy is the first ever platform to create virtual functional institute for every physical educational institution with amazing features like:

  • pointScheduling & Managing classes
  • pointTaking exams & Quizzes
  • pointAutomated reporting functionality
  • pointDigital Secured Method of managing institutes
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    Manage Students, Teacher and even parent profiles on one platform.
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Knowledge is now beyond boundaries

eBidyaloy is a platform created to support the educational system and revolutionaries your vision towards learning. It goes above and beyond the limitations of traditional education.

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    Spread your knowledge to help millions of students
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    Become famous by answering the queries & doubts of students anything.
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    Help Students with Expert Mentorship
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    Interact with other like-minded teachers
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    Strengthen teacher student relationship by finding each other whenever needed

The first & the largest Educational Community:

eBidyaloy is the first of its kind because it’s not just a learning platform but when it comes to education this will be the go-to community and resolves every issue for learning from home.

We Are In Media

eBidyaloy is an innovative platform designed to empower and transform the educational system, redefining your perspective on learning. This platform transcends the boundaries of traditional education, providing a revolutionary approach that nurtures your vision and unlocks new possibilities for knowledge acquisition.

Our Partners

Our esteemed partners are delivering top-notch educational audiovisual contents of the BEST QUALITY.